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Dinavio Crafthouse

Funko Pop Acrylic Display Display Case with Colored Base - Compatible with 4" Vinyl Figures

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Unparalleled Protection — Shield your Funko Pop! treasures from dust, dirt, UV rays, and accidental damage. Our sturdy acrylic case acts as a protective barrier, ensuring your collection remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Crystal-Clear Visibility — Say goodbye to dull and cloudy displays! Our Funko Protector offers unbeatable clarity, allowing your Funko Pops to shine in all their glory. Every intricate detail, vibrant color, and unique feature will be perfectly showcased while captivating attention.

Custom Design — We understand every collector has their own style. That's why our Funko display case has a selection of five different base colors to match your Pops or collection theme. Unlike every other case on the market, each base is 8mm thick adding an extra layer to show off your stunning display.

Stackability Like No Other — Our user-friendly concept includes eight N52 magnets embedded into a top loading lid making it effortless to access or swap Pops in and out of your Funko case. Each Funko cover is designed to stack making it a breeze to grow your display.

Snug Fit, No Gaps — Dimensions of 5" x 4" x 7" are compatible with all 4" Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. Whether you want to showcase your collection at home, office or dedicated area, you can display your rare gems with pride, knowing they are protected and preserved, maintaining their value over time.